About Us

Family Care Options is a family owned and operated company that understands the importance of flexible quality care. We take pride in the company’s personalized approach when it comes to placing a caregiver in a family’s home. Our belief is simple: a computer generating a match, can’t replace a human being when it comes to finding a caregiver who you can trust in your home to care for your family. We provide the screen tests and interviews, so you can have peace of mind when leaving your children and loved ones at home. Once registered, your family is now a part our family! Nowadays, a family needs support in many areas of their lives—the children, your senior parents, or your family dog, well, we have you covered for every part. For one monthly bill, you receive support from a live caregiver specialist, backup childcare, eldercare, and pet care; registered clients receive discounted rates. Family Care Options’ highest priority is focused on finding the most qualified caregiver for your family! Seeing a happy family is one of the reasons we do what we do!

Reliable, Friendly and Dependable Service

Family Care Options is a licensed, bonded and insured company servicing New York, Tri-State, Palm Springs, Coachella Valley, CA, and southern Florida. Family Care Options offers nannies, caregivers, sitters, after school care, travel companions, 24-hour backup care, senior caregivers, home health aides, eldercare, companions, house sitters, housekeepers, pet care, dog sitters, and corporate backup care. Our caregivers are available for permanent, temporary, live in/out, or full/part-time.

Family Care Options’ highest priority is focused on finding the most qualified caregivers for your family’s needs. Every family is different in their own unique way, so why should your journey for a caregiver be any different? Our staff is known for its personal, kind, and sincere understanding and appreciation for each family’s request. Tailoring their search and expertise specifically to your family.

Protecting Your Family

All of our caregivers are personally interviewed, screened, tested, and pass written mental evaluations. Once the personal interview process is completed, the caregivers have extensive background clearance and employment verification performed at “no” charge to our clients.

Your family will never interview with a candidate who has not yet been personally interviewed, undergone extensive background investigation and reference checks.

Your family’s safety is our first and top priority.

We conduct thorough investigations to ensure that your family will be in the safest care.

Our investigations include:

  • Criminal Checks
  • Social Security Tracking
  • Sex Offense/Child Abuse Clearance
  • DMV Driving Records

In addition, Family Care Options verifies at least three years of employment, extensively interviewing each previous employer. Once your family is ready to hire a candidate, Family Care Options will furnish the results of the background check to your family at no charge, and upon request will assist your family to get in contact with the candidate’s previous employers to answer any additional questions you may have.

We offer an unlimited guarantee to ensure that your family is happy and provided for, before and after placement.

We have you covered. We will always go the extra mile for your family.

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