Activities to Do While Kid Sitting

So you’ve just been hired for a sitting job. As much as you could just sit on a couch the entire time and watch TV or go on your phone while watching the kids, what’s really the fun in that? Plus, you’re not really interacting with the kids much. Whether you’ve been hired for a permanent or temporary job, here are some things you can do to make your time with the kids you are watching fun.

Visit a Nearby Park: In cold weather visiting a nearby park for the kids you are watching to play in may not be a sensible activity, but in warmer weather making a trip to a park is very reasonable. Going to a park with a jungle gym and/or swings will likely keep your kids entertained, or you can bring them to a park with more open space where they can ride a bicycle or scooter. Try during this time to be part of the kids’ good time, and make sure you have your eyes glued on the kids to assure their safety at all times. Also, switching up the park with other public spaces such as a museum, zoo, or amusement park every now and then is a cool idea, as long as you obtain consent from the kids’ parents beforehand of your interest in taking the kids to one of these places and when you desire to.

Take Them to See a Movie: Who said you can’t have fun watching a kids’ appropriate movie? Take the kids to see a movie every now and then! This activity is good for making sure the kids stay right beside you and can be entertaining for both you and the kids. Plus you guys can munch on some popcorn and other goodies together. Just make sure you have enough money to pay for yourself and the kids for tickets and for whatever else you will buy at the theater. Or if you don’t want to leave the house, try to put on a good movie at their house and buy some popcorn beforehand to pop at the house for the kids. 

 Play Games With Them: Do you own any board games? A Connect 4 set? Twister? UNO cards? If there aren’t any board or card games at the house you are sitting at, consider bringing over some games yourself. Playing games with the kids is another activity that can serve as great bonding time. 

 Cook With Them: Depending on how old the kids you are watching are, this can be an interesting activity to partake in. Instead of ordering out dinner with the kids, cook with them! If you can cook, it would be cool to have the opportunity to teach the kids you are sitting a recipe for something you cook for yourself or others. However, make sure that you get their parents’ permission to use their stove or any other cooking appliances, and to also get permission for the kids’ involvement in the cooking.  

These are examples of activities that sitters have done with kids and that you can partake in with the kids you are sitting. But remember, in anything you want to do with the kids, make sure you get parental consent beforehand so you do not get yourself or anyone else in trouble. Here at Family Care Options, we provide both permanent and temporary sitters who will not only ensure your kids have a good time but will ensure their safety. If you would like to hire us for a sitter or for any other family care options, you can fill in a request form online for your particular need or call us at (212) 748-8377. Any inquiries can also be sent to