Which baby nurse is right for you?

Image result for nurse and babyHiring a baby nurse to help out during the early days after a child is born is definitely a big help, especially for families where the parents are both working. These nurses are non-medical, and may work 12 to 24 hour cycles in which they feed, burp, diaper, wash, and even sleep-train your baby. These nurses can stay in your family from several weeks to a few months, but some moms may opt to just have them a couple nights just to catch up on sleep. So how do you make sure that these nurses are perfect for your family?

It’s crucial that night nurses are CPR and first-aid certified, and also have extensive experience working with babies other than their own. Night nurses can also deal with sleep training, soothing and nighttime feeding, diaper issues, and establishing a schedule for your newborn. There are many responsibilities that come with selecting the perfect nurse for your baby, and we can definitely offer that at Family Care Options. Good luck!