5 Benefits of Reading to Young Children


Most parents and care takers know that reading to a child is very important. Reading aloud to a child can benefit that child in many ways. Here are some of those ways:

1. Enhances Their Vocabulary

Although children learn new words through hearing you speak and watching TV, listening to someone read a book is different. Reading a book with a child can help improve their auditory skills as well as help them learn how to read for themselves. The more words they learn, the quicker they learn how to read! Reading with kids will give them a head start on their education!

2. Gives Their Brain Some Exercise

Statistics on child development have shown that reading to children positively affects brain activity. Specific areas of the brain are affected when they begin reading at a young age. Research has also shown that it will improve their likelihood to learn multiple languages.

3. Enhances Concentration

Does your kid not like sitting still? Since the answer is most likely “yes,” consider reading to them to enhance their ability to focus. Children tend to lose focus easily, but reading enhances their concentration. Reading to them will help them develop the ability to stay still when they are told, which will benefit them when they start school.

4. Promotes Creativity And Imagination

Although children are creative and imaginative by nature, reading enhances those abilities. Engaging in a book with your child will inspire them to want to think about how the story is going to end. It also inspires them to create their own stories.

5. Entertains

Let’s face it, most children just want to be entertained. They are constantly using their energy to play with their toys or outside. Although other children activities can be just as entertaining, reading promotes a desire to learn. If you read to your child, they will soon think that reading is fun! This will make doing their homework and paying attention in the classroom a lot easier for them.

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