Why should companies implement emergency backup care and child care as a part of a work/life program?


  1. To establish job satisfaction – to preserve good employees.
  2. To increase commitment – the employee feels important, which in turn decreases job absenteeism and boosts moral.
  3. To help reduce health care costs – such as stress, depression, anxiety, anger; the employee senses self-worth and acknowledgment.
  4. To attract investors – shareholders value companies that have work/life issues addressed, people like to be associated with companies who treat their employees well.
  5. To combat employee burnout – work/life efforts gives the employer more control over scheduling and it gives the employee the feeling of having control over their job.

Work/Life benefits are a low cost way to respond to an employee’s needs—in return, the company has a cost effective way to achieve productivity, retain and recruit talent, boost employee moral, and reduce absenteeism.

Corporate Sponsored Back-Up Care Program


How to Utilize the Service
Once an employee realizes they are in need of a back-up caregiver, the employee would call the 24 hour support line and speak directly with a trained Back-up Care Representative. The representative will review the request and the employee’s eligibility. Upon approval of eligibility, the representative will require specific information to process the order such as the date and time the service is needed, the number or children and/or adults needing care, gender, age, special needs or requirements, and the child and/or adult’s current health status.

Each corporation has a customized package which includes rates and services available to accommodate the need of the employees.

There is no charge to the corporation under contract, unless outside of the New York Metropolitan area. If the caregiver works past 11:00pm, the client is required to pay $20.00 for return transportation.

Cancellation Policy

Less than four hours notice the employee and/or the company has been confirmed, the employer and/or the company will be charged for the entire booking.

Activity reports are sent to the accounting department on a monthly basis. The activity report states the employee’s name, address, date the service was utilized; total hours used and balance in overall corporate account to date.

A corporation that offers the work/life benefit of Back-up Family Care will:
Attract and retain talent as the need for qualified people has forced companies to acknowledge the need to help worker meet personal goals.

Raise morale and job satisfaction.

Increase productivity as Work/Life reduces absenteeism.

Employee commitment improves employee/employer relationship.

Reduce health-care costs– Workplace stress causes depression, anxiety, and anger, which can lead to major health problems.

Attract investors– Shareholders value companies that have Work/Life initiatives. Investors take interest in companies ‘that are good to their employees’.

Define a positive company culture– To make a unique workplace.

*Our back-up childcare and eldercare program will enhance the workplace as it benefits the corporation and it’s employees.

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