Baby Nurse

A privately hired,” in home” caregiver with extensive experience, education and training providing care for a newborn baby to 3 months old.


A baby nurse is one hired to help new moms. They are pros at helping you and your new baby settle into your new lives together. They help with establishing bedtime routines, they organize the nursery, help with feeding, and make sure you are fed and comfortable in the first few days you’re home from the hospital. Additionally, a baby nurse can show you how to deal with common issues like gas, colic, and excessive crying, all of which can cause stress to a first-time mom.

Your baby nurse, Other than being an amazing go-to source for all baby related information, reassurance, and support, can also help with chores like packing the diaper bag and washing the the dirty onesies. As for your spouse, if he is also a rookie, then the baby nurse will meet with him before you arrive from the hospital and explain what to expect when you come home. Your baby nurse will offer ways that he can help out.

Family Care Options knows that not every family is the same—each has their own special distinctions and individuality. Therefore, we take your family needs very seriously. With our in-depth search, our staff of specialists personally interviews and scans each baby nurse to ensure we pair you off with the right one for you. Apply for your baby nurse today!

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