Pet Care

A fully experienced pet caregiver– hired to walk, feed, exercise, administer medicine, assist in veterinarian visits, and implement all required care needed for a dog.

Family Care Options offers private in-home dog sitting and dog walking services. We provide options to your family, so you can travel, work, or just relax knowing your furry loved one is being care for in the comforts of their home.

Our company has provided families and guests of pet friendly hotels in New York with sitting and dog walking services. We, personally, select the appropriate sitter for your family—based on their experience, qualifications, and personality. We don’t place a sitter by zip code or if they’re geographically suitable. Our sitters are personally interviewed, screened, and have at least three years of pet care experience, along with impeccable references. All of our caregivers have undergone background clearance, reference verifications, and DMV reports completed. This will come in handy if they are to be driving your pet to a place or an area. All references and background checks are available to our clients upon request at no charge.

8525232407_a48928eecb_zOur philosophy is, “why have your furry family member stay in a strange place or kennel, when he or she can stay in the comforts of their own home?” We send our sitters to your home, so you can have peace of mind while you’re away. We provide all aspects of care for your pet: walking, feeding, playing, exercising, arranging play dates, administering medication, sick visits, travel and assisting with veterinarian visits. Our service is available to our registered clients, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is unsurpassable when it comes to quality care. We offer full/part time, long/short term, and even overnight stays! We customize price packages based on the amount of care needed and our services can be billed by the hour, daily, or weekly. Once registered, the family has the option to bill the services or pay by credit card—this private service allows one family/per sitter, so your pet has the full attention and care he or she needs.

“Family Care Options is a licensed, bonded & Insured company”

Dog Walkers

A vibrant experienced pet caregiver, hired to walk and exercise a dog on a part time, permanent or temporary basis.

Dog Sitter

An experienced pet caregiver hired to walk, exercise and care for a dog on a part time, or full time basis.

Helpful Information for our Pet Lovers while in New York:


NYC Parks / Dog Run Guidelines

There are four signed designations for areas within NYC parkland:
1. No dogs allowed: Dogs are not permitted in these areas at any time. These areas include playgrounds, zoos, swimming pools/facilities, bathing areas/beaches*, fountains, ball fields, or on basketball/handball/tennis courts.
2. Dogs must be on leash at all times: Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times when in these areas.
3. Dog Runs: Dog runs are large, fenced-in areas for dogs to exercise unleashed. Created with the expertise of a Parks Department landscape architect and volunteers, the runs encourage play while supplying good drainage, safe lighting, and healthy plantings.
4. Designated Off-Leash Areas: Certain park areas allow dogs to be off-leash from the time the park opens until 9 a.m. AND from 9 p.m. until the park closes. Dog owners/attendants with dogs off-leash in these designated areas must obey all general rules, including having their dog under control at all times, licensing the dog, and carrying proof of the dog’s rabies vaccination.

Obey the rules and regulations:
1. Dogs must be on a leash (no more than six feet long) at all times, except in dog runs and designated off-leash areas at prescribed times.
2. You must pick up after your dog and dispose of the waste in containers
provided throughout the park.
3. You must prevent your dog from chasing birds, squirrels, and other animals.
4. Dogs are never allowed in playgrounds, zoos, swimming pools/facilities,
bathing areas/beaches*, fountains, ballfields, or on b-ball/handball/tennis courts.
5. From May 1 to October 1: Pursuant to Park Rules and Regulations, dogs are not allowed to enter any bathing facilities, including New York City beaches. However, as a courtesy, leashed dogs are allowed on the sand and boardwalk at Rockaway Beach, Coney Island & Brighton Beach, Manhattan Beach, Midland Beach, and South Beach from October 1 until May 1.
6. No dogs are allowed on the sand at all New York City beaches. Leashed dogs are allowed on the boardwalk/promenade at Coney Island, Brighton, Midland, South, and Manhattan Beaches.
*In the off-season, the Commissioner may use his discretion to permit dogs in bathing reas/beaches.

Respect the park and others:
1. Keep an eye on your dog at all times. Only you are responsible for your dog’s actions. Please remember that other park visitors may be afraid of your dog.
2. Do not allow your dog to run and jump on other people or dogs without an invitation.
3. Do not allow your dog to drink from park fountains, unless a special dog fountain is provided.
4. Be good to the grass. Heavy use in a given area compacts soil and damages the turf. Keep walking – you’ll see more and do less damage.
5. Please keep off wet grass. During and after a rainfall, topsoil is 20 times more vulnerable to compaction.


Pet-Friendly Restaurants In New York City

Pet-friendly restaurants in New York generally mean dog-friendly, since it is rare for a cat or bird owner to show up at a restaurant with those types of pets. Many restaurants with outdoor cafes will permit you to dine with your dog, but make sure to call in advance and ask! Dogs must be leashed and well behaved so as not to disturb other customers or your party could be asked to leave. Most dog-friendly restaurants in Manhattan will offer your dog a bowl of water upon request. Since outdoor tables are generally the rule, visits to these restaurants is usually only possible during the warmer spring, summer and early autumn months. The location of a pet-friendly restaurant near your hotel can save you a lot of time and can be an important consideration in your choice of accommodations in New York City. Here are some of our favorites:

  • The Bean
    • Location: 824 Broadway, New York, NY
    • Short Description: Neighborhood café for fresh roasted coffee, teas, sandwiches, and vegan options.
    • Why It’s Perfect For Pets: As long as your dog is well behaved, they are very much welcome to accompany you in the coffeehouse.
  • The West 79th Street Boat Basin
    • Location: West 79th Street, New York, NY
    • Short Description: Casual outdoor café overlooking the Hudson River, with burgers, beers, and sandwiches. Better yet, you don’t even need a reservation—come as you please.
    • Why It’s Perfect For Pets: Pets are absolutely allowed to accompany you here at this outdoor café. Friendly staff even welcomes your furry friend with a complementary water dish.
  • Bistro Chat Noir
    • Location: 22 East 66th Street #1, New York, NY
    • Short Description: French far in a cozy townhouse with a chic flair to match its neighbors on the Upper East Side.
    • Why It’s Perfect For Pets: Well-behaved, leashed dogs are welcome to their outdoor seating. Staff is notably very accommodating, as well as dog-friendly, never forgetting to bring that complimentary bowl of water out for your pup to enjoy.
  • La Bonbonniere
    • Location: 28 8th Avenue, New York, NY
    • Short Description: Omelets, burgers, and other simple American eats fuel utilitarian diner. Don’t miss out on the French toast, this signature dish is a must-have!
    • Why It’s Perfect For Pets: Your furry friendly is absolutely welcome to come sit with you as you eat at our outdoor seating arrangements. It’s a prime spot to enjoy a delicious, affordable meal and do some people watching with your pooch.
  • Barking Dog Luncheonette
    • Location: 1453 York Avenue, New York, NY
    • Short Description: A vast array of dining selections and a full bar on premises, this one is the perfect stop for every meal, anytime. With a mostly American menu, it also features a few British staples—making it a cultured selection of various food selections for every palate.
    • Why It’s Perfect For Pets: With a full canine theme, this spot includes an outside eating area featuring a doggy fountain where your dog can socialize with other furry friends while you dine.
  • Cornelia Street Café
    • Location: 29 Cornelia Street, New York, NY
    • Short Description: “Old-school” West Village dining thrives at this circa- 1977 Greenwich Village hangout. This spot features casual, all day dining & a downstairs performance space.
    • Why It’s Perfect For Pets: Your dog is invited to the alluring sidewalk café tables. Staff offers a complimentary, quality treat to your pooch (with your permission, of course!) after your meal, along with a water bowl during your meal.
  • d.b.a.
    • Location: 41 1st Avenue, New York, NY
    • Short Description: A smartly curated selection of beer, bourbon, and beyond draws connoisseurs to this East Village spot.
    • Why It’s Perfect For Pets: Your dog is not only allowed in the beautiful back garden, but well-behaved dogs are also allowed inside of the bar itself. Their policy is, “as long as your dog is friendly, so are we.” Some bartenders even carry dog treats for your furry friend.
  • Bistro Milano
    • Location: 1350 Avenue of the Americas, West 55th Street between 6th and 5th Avenue, New York, NY
    • Short Description: A Northern Italian dining spot, featuring a spacious terrace area—allowing for the ambiance of an outdoor café.
    • Why It’s Perfect For Pets: Dogs are welcomed in the outdoor terrace upon establishment permission and are welcomed with a bowl of water.
  • Barbuto
    • Location: 775 Washington Street, New York, NY
    • Short Description: The roast chicken is renowned at this chic Italian eatery where the walls open up in warm weather.
    • Why It’s Perfect For Pets: Bring your pet during the summer when the walls are all opened up and your pup is more than welcome to join you! Feel free to dine on some gnocchi while your furry friend is treated to some water.
  • Lasagna Ristorante East Side
    • Location: 941 2nd Avenue, between 50th and 49th street, New York, NY
    • Short Description: Homemade Italian specialties, with its prime dish being—you guessed it! Lasagna! Offer 17 different lasagnas baked to order, they also offer a robust variety, including veal, chicken, pasta, and fish dishes of universal origin.
    • Why It’s Perfect For Pets: This spot offers convenient sidewalk that is more than welcome for your furry friend to join you. Enjoy exquisite Italian cuisine while your pet is treated to a complimentary bowl of water.

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