Walk This Way: A Guide To Safely Walking Your Dog

Dogs are fun to take care of, from their bubbly personalities to their loyalty and sense of protection. However, it may be a pain to walk your dog on a regular basis. There are also several things you should keep in mind when you walk your dog to make things easier for you. Here are some tips!

  1. Use a front clip harness if your dog pulls on the leash. Dog collars and harnesses that clip on the back promote more pulling. The right harness paired with proper dog walking techniques will definitely improve your walks together.
  2. Let your dog sniff around for mental stimulation. If you don’t want to stop often, decide what areas are appropriate, as well as safe, for your dog to explore. These smells provide your dog with stimulation and information, and it’s basically like a diary for them: it helps them keep track of what is happening in the neighborhood.
  3. Don’t use a retractable leash. They cause many hazards compared to traditional leashes. First, they make it difficult for you to keep in control of your dog, which will prove to be difficult in high traffic areas. They can also cause injuries to both your dog and you, as grabbing onto the leash for more support while your dog is moving can cause severe burns.
  4. Bring water for your dog! They have a harder time regulating their temperature than humans do, and since they sweat through panting they can easily become dehydrated during warm weather.
  5. Make sure your dog is wearing proper identification.
  6. Watch out for hot pavement in the summer. Place your hand or your bare foot on the pavement for five seconds. If it’s too hot for your skin, it won’t be comfortable for your dog’s feet, which could result in serious injuries. You could choose an alternate route, or buy your dog booties to help protect their paws.
  7. Ask before approaching other dogs. Not all dogs are dog-friendly, and there are plenty of dogs that don’t do well with leash greetings, so ask permission before approaching them.
  8. Wear reflective gear if you walk during the evening.

As long as you pay attention to these tips, you’re sure to have a safe, fun walk with your dog. Good luck!